Saturday, October 9, 2010

School Holidays

I've had the last 2 weeks off school AND we've had good weather!! For the first time in 3 months (yes, I've been here for 3 whole months now!) we've had a week without rain! It's been amazing, especially with the beaches so close by.

Getting creative

Thanks to Rotarian Bill and his wife, I've finally seen an official rugby game in NZ.  The match was Auckland vs. Hawks Bay; it ended in a draw. The game was at Eden Park where the Rugby World Cup finals will be played next year (2 months after I leave!). I also participated in the Breast Cancer Walk with another Rotarian Kelvin, his wife and some of their friends. The walk was at night under the stars and had a very festive atmosphere!

I'm in the jumpsuit, the Rotarian's in the tutu. Go figure.

I had quite a few "firsts" these holidays; I made it over to Waiheke island finally, Rainbows End amusement park and the Auckland War Museum.  I went to Waiheke with another Rotarian Robyn. We had lunch at her son's newly acquired cafe and I got to chat with her very colourful family. Robyn herself is a fascinating woman. One of her stories began, "When I lived with the gypsies in India.."

Being a rebel at Rainbows End

Rainbows End was definitely on a smaller scale then say Wonderland back home, but I still had heaps off fun with my friend Laura. The same can be said about the Auckland War Museum. Again, not the largest exhibits but I enjoyed a lovely lunch with my friend Amber as well as some colouring activities that may or may not have been meant for small children...

All glamed up for the NZ Music Awards

The following day Laura and I went to the NZ music awards. It was a really good time, although often I did not understand the cultural references or jokes. I did however know most of the musicians who performed and some of them really deserve to be famous in more than just NZ.

A very successful Thanksgiving dinner!!

As much as I wanted to cook a traditional turkey dinner for my friends, I was extremely nervous something would go wrong! Luckily Laura and her family were super helpful and supportive, even when I was freaking out about taking the giblets out of the bird. Most of my friends had never had turkey or pumpkin pie before, but I think they rather enjoyed it! (Or at least they said they did...)

Back to school next week, I'm dreading it after enjoying these past 2 weeks so much. But only 4 more weeks until summer holidays!!

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