Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas and New Years

Christmas in New Zealand is rather bizarre. The carols are the same ("I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"... no joke), the cookies and treats are all the same, and children/ exchange students still go to department stores to sit on Santa's knee. Despite all this I often forgot that it was the holidays season. If I came across lights or decorations while wearing shorts I would think that someone had been lazy and left them up all year!

Yes I am wearing shorts in a Christmas card photo!
(Hallie a visitor from the States, Greg, Kelsie the dog, Myself, Sue and Graham)

Although it felt nothing like Christmas I spent a wonderful day with my host family. They surprised me with so many prezzies! Many of which to help me remember my time here, which I loved and I think they liked their presents as well! My host mother Sue has spent the entire previous day cooking a delicious Christmas lunch to which I contributed a pumpkin pie (my new speciality) which my host brother and dad had never tried! Unfortunately, they didn't like it...

Domestic Bliss

Putting on a brave face

After stuffing myself with lunch I then proceeded to my counsellor Bob's daughter's house to stuff myself full of dinner! It was lovely to be able to spend the day with my counsellor's family as well as my host family. 

Although I still believe Christmas should stay in winter, New Year's is another story completely! On New Year's eve I was on the beach dancing under the stars with thousands of other people. It was the most fun New Year's possible and a swim in the ocean definitely started off 2011 right!

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